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Available for Pre Order, Looking to be shipped end of June.

For size guide and weights, please see product photos for measurements.

Introducing our Sensory-Friendly Kids Weighted Hoodie, designed to provide both comfort and support for individuals with neurodivergent conditions. This hoodie goes beyond fashion; it's a statement piece that spreads awareness and fosters inclusivity.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this hoodie is made from luxuriously soft and gentle materials, ensuring a delightful sensory experience. Say goodbye to scratchy fabrics and hello to a cocoon of comfort. The fabric is carefully selected to provide a cosy embrace, allowing you to relax and find calm in any environment.


The standout feature of this hoodie is its weight. The high thread count material helps this hoodie get its weight. This weight provides a gentle, soothing pressure that can help individuals with sensory processing sensitivities feel grounded and secure. Experience the benefits of deep pressure stimulation, which can promote relaxation and a sense of well-being throughout the day.


The black and white brain logo proudly displayed on the hoodie symbolizes the infinite potential and brilliance of neurodivergent minds. Aswel as the Attentive writing on the upper pocket, It serves as a powerful conversation starter, encouraging dialogue and understanding. By wearing this hoodie, you become an advocate for neurodiversity and an agent of change.


We understand that even the smallest details matter. That's why this hoodie is designed without any scratchy tags or flappy labels that can cause discomfort or irritation. Every aspect of its construction is focused on providing a sensory-friendly experience so you can fully embrace your day with ease.


Join us in spreading awareness, celebrating neurodiversity, and supporting the individuals who make our world beautifully diverse. With our Sensory-Friendly Kids Zip weighted hoodie, you can make a bold statement while finding comfort and empowerment. Embrace your unique self and inspire others to do the same.


Care instructions:


Gentle wash at 30c

Do not tumble dry

Do not use bleach

Do not dry clean

Kids Sensory Weighted Zip Hoodie

£35.00 Regular Price
£28.00Sale Price
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